"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy" Proverbs 31:8-9

Monday, 23 May 2011

United With Hope

United With Hope is a non prfit organisation which works in India and Malawi.  They have a number of programs you can be involved in


The program in Malwai is fairly new.  United With Hope is partnering with Chipambo Primary School to help construct classrooms and provide them with supplies for better learning.  The ratio of teachers to children is approx 80:1.  It is common for children not to receive any or little education, particularly girls.  UWH is asking supporters to pledge $5 a month towards Chipambo Primary.



Gypsy Feeding Program:
For $25 a year you can support a gypsy child in India by providing them with one nutritious meal a week. There is still a number of children available - click here to view them.

This is Prudhvi.  The look on his face makes me laugh, and I love that he is topless, and looks like he is wearing suit pants!

This is Soniya, she is part of the program.  I am her writing buddy, with another sponsor supporting her financially.  

With goodies and letters that are sent, you usually get a photo of the child with them

Along with feeding the children, there is also opportunities to further help the children.  At Easter, there was a hygine kit drive, to supply all children with relevent supplies.  For approx $5 per child they earch received a hygine kit.  In India our dollars go a long way!! Here is Soniya with her kit:

Tutoring Program:
For $7 a month you can provide a child in India a education.  These children are not in school.  The local Pastor - Francis is running this program for the children in his village.  We are praying that some of the children will be accepted into regular school in June.  Classes are held 6 evenings a week, and each child also gets fed after class.  That works out at $1.75 per week for 6 classes and 6 meals! OR 29cents per class per child!! Pretty good value to give a child nutritious food, education, hope and a future which we pray will not only bring them, but their entire families out of poverty.  These are the children we support through the tutoring program:
Kiran- age 7

Nani - age 9

Prajna- age 9

Annamani Children 
Sujeeth and Durga are two 'regular' people.  BUT, they see the needs of their community and have God's heart to help.  For years they have opened their small, ordinary home to children who have been orphaned or abandoned.  They currently have 18 children living in the home along with their own daughters.  There are a few new children set to join them in June- one of which is Gowripriya, who we have commited to sponsor.  This program is either $10 a month for either Home or School sponsorship, or $20 a month for both. 

To learn more about United With Hope please visit www.unitedwithhope.org/