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Friday, 1 July 2011

Couldn't Ask For More!

After having a couple of weeks holiday, I arrived home to a pile of mail...

First of all, I received Bridget and Pacifique's undated profiles.

Then, I received a profile for another correspondence child. This is Stenly, he is turning 13 this coming Sunday, and he lives in East Indonesia. Welcome to the ever-growing family, Stenly!

And the letters:

2 from Igor in Brazil. One was a general letter, saying he is having treatment on his right eye, so to pray for his healing; the tutor also asked to send more letters because he loves to receive them. There was no mention of his mother – which is good news, because in his previous letter he said that she may have breast cancer. The other letter was a Christmas thankyou. It had with it a photo of him with his presents:

There was also a letter from Johana in Nic. She thanks us for the letters we have sent, and also says that her brother had a accident and got treatment at the Project (it's amazing that sponsorship isn't just for one child, it benefits the entire family), and her closing sentence was 'Remember I love you so much because you are the two angels that God has sent me'. Beautiful words from a beautiful girl.

This week I also received a letter from Niki in East Indo. She calls us Mum and Dad. She describes their Easter celebrations, by saying they have a lantern parade, and what sounds like a eating competition, egg hunt and drawing. She thanks God that she has a kind hearted sponsor, and thanks us for always caring for her.

And to finish the week off, today I received a letter from Pras in Indo. It is a Easter letter. Through the translation, I think he says he would be happy if we could talk face to face. Also, his Grandpa is sick. His drawing was only in grey pencil, I suspect he didnt have time to colour it, but one of the drawings was a man with a Afro playing the guitar, and also Mickey Mouse. There was also a beautiful Easter card he had made for me. Inside was written in Javanese and English. You can tell he has taken his time in making the card, written on it in pencil and then in purple gel pen.

I couldn't have asked for a better week, and each letter, card, photo and drawing is a reminder that we, as sponsors benefit from knowing these children through letter writing, but it is nothing compared to what the children receive, and what our relationships mean to them. Continue to love and encourage your sponsor children...