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Monday, 6 June 2011

7,000 vs. 50,000

I was recently reading a journal about a bloggers trip to the Philippines, and they wrote a staggering statistic.

Out of 57,000 Compassion sponsored children in the Philippines alone, only 7,000 receive letters monthly.

I congratulate the 7,000 sponsors who write monthly. It's not a easy task, it takes time and effort out of our “busy” lives. I encourage you to keep writing regularly.

And I encourage other sponsors to at least write a few sentences to their sponsor child once a month. These words mean so much to our sponsor children – more than we could ever know.

Just think, if 50,000 children in the Philippines alone do not receive regular monthly letters, I cannot imagine how many hundreds of thousands of sponsor children worldwide are waiting patiently to receive a letter of love from their sponsor.

Is your sponsor child in the 50,000 or 7,000 statistic? 

Will you commit to writing to your sponsor child monthly?